Alberto Di Muzio

…….a painter of talent



        Alberto Di Muzio (Chieti,August 21,1913-July 14,1986) was a genuine Abruzzian painter and sculptor.

He traveled to Chieti and Abruzzian painter Francesco Paolo Michetti was his aesthetic and emotional inspiration.

Also Abruzzo region asserting his temperament and inspiration,that captured its local events,people,portraitist,landscapes,faces and figures,still life,typical characters,in emotionally charged paintings with vibrant light and luminous colors.

        Alberto Di Muzio was a good all-rounder painter,for art-materials and work reproduction,in pastel,watercolours,distemper and oil color,works in oils on cloth,works on wood tablet,with a paint brush,with a palette knife,waxwork and even carved sculpt.

        This web-site space dedicated to my father Alberto Di Muzio to fall into the public domain how the most comprehensive color-illustrated archive of fine artworks.

         The copious artworks of Alberto Di Muzio to impose a nostop updating  and the catalogue to-day is not  exhaustive and the artworks are scattered between son,kith and kin.


Let’s begin !         


Chieti 1940-         Pinacoteca “Barbella” Chieti-Exhibition  January 1994



Chieti  1940:      Exhibition  January 1994  Pinacoteca “Barbella”-Chieti


Atri (TE)–July 28,1966-Extemporary-Cathedral Tower

                                Oil on plywood,50 x 60


Francavilla al Mare,1948

Oil on wood tablet,25x40



Francavilla al Mare,1949

Pastel  on cardboard,24x32


La Processione del Venerdì Santo a Chieti

Oil  on cloth,50 x 70 –Chieti,1953



Oil on wood tablet,50x50



Chieti,1956-S.Giustino Cathedral

Drawing on cardboard,35x50


La Majella da Chieti,1947

Oil on wood tablet,30x40




Oil on wood tablet,25x35


La Majella da Chieti,1952

Oil on plywood,50x70



Alba a Chieti,1948

Oil on wood tablet,45x65


La torre di Cerrano,1950

Oil on wood tablet,25x45


Il laghetto della Villa di Chieti,1952

Oil on plywood,50x70


Chieti ,1947-mandolin player

                     Oil  on  plywood,20 x 20


Majella da Chieti-1947-pencil,20 x 15


Chieti, 1969-Flowers-two ovals

                       Press clay into shape and oil on wood tablet


Chieti-neve alla Villa Comunale-1954

           Oil on tablet,20 x 15


Chieti,neve sul laghetto Villa Comunale-1954

           Oil on tablet,20 x 15


Chieti,1954   - still life

                       Oil on  wood tablet,25 x 30


Francavilla al Mare,1953

 Oil on plywood,20 x 30



0il on  wood tablet,20 x 30



CHIETI-Paesaggio-1949-3° Premio di Pittura “F.P.MICHETTI”-1949


Chieti,1956  -Medaglia d’Oro 1  Mostra d’Arte Contemporanea “Città di Chieti” 

Pastel  on cardboard,25 x 35


Paesaggio-Francavilla al Mare,1954 – Exposition “Premio F.P.Michetti”-1956

         Oil  on  plywood sheet,20 x 25


Chieti,1952-Via Cauta

                     Oil on  wood tablet,30 x 40


Chieti,1950 – Balcony on Via Orientale (Principessa di Piemonte)

                       Pastel on cardboard,15 x 25


Chieti,1947  -  Gianni (7 years old)

                        Watercolours  on cardboard, 25 x 25


Rivisondoli (Aq),1950  -   Horses

                              Oil on  plywood sheet,30 x 30


Francavilla al Mare,1946

                                  Pastel on cardboard,30 x 40


Francavilla al Mare ,1949 – 4° Concorso di Pittura di Chieti “Lo Zingaro”

                                              Oil  on wood tablet,41 x 36


Chieti,1946 – S.Francesco 

                       Oil on plywood,35 x 35


Chieti,1948 – Via Cauta (Dzam)

                       Oil  on wood tablet,25 x 40


Chieti,1956  -La Vallata del Pescara

                       Pastel on cardboard,15 x 40


Francavilla al Mare,1947 – La “sciabica”

                                              Oil on cardboard,15 x 20


Francavilla al Mare,1947-“La sciabica”

                                            Oil  on cardboard,25 x 30


Chieti,1956  -Corso Marrucino

                  Oil  on wood tablet,40 x 40


I Banderesi di Bucchianico,1952

                                             Oil on  wood tablet,35x40


Chieti,1956   Via Cauta (Dzam)

                     Oil on wood tablet,45 x 55



          Oil on wood tablet,25x30



                Press clay into shape and oil on wood tablet,25 x 40


Chieti,1957    -  Snowfall  on pool

                Oil on wood tablet,30 x 40


Chieti,1969   -  Flowerpot

                         Pres clay into shape and oil on wood tablet,40 x 60



                                                   Any  Reproduction


Riproduzione de “ Il Voto “ di F.P.Michetti


“La guardiana di polli” - F.P.Michetti   -Reproduction



“La pastorella “ - F.P.Michetti –Reproduction


“La popolana Veneziana” di Favretto –Reproduction


“Fra Luca Pacioli” di Jacopo De Barbari – Reproduction


“La Domenica delle Palme”di F.P.Michetti –Reproduction

 (Click here for the particulars)


Il Voto” –F.P.Michetti-Reproduction (click here fo the particulars)


Detail of “il voto” - F.P.Michetti-Reproduction


Detail of “il voto” - F.P.Michetti-Reproduction

Detail of “il voto”- F.P.Michetti-Reproduction


La Figlia di Iorio”- F.P.Michetti-Reproduction


Detail of “La Figlia di Iorio”- F.P.Michetti-Reproduction


Detail of paint- Palizzi-Reproduction